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About Us
I was trained in the military in 1966 as a "Metal processing Specialist".  Honorably Discharged and returning home from a tour in South East Asia in 1970, I continued my skills within that trade.  I worked in a few area firms and soon thereafter started my own company which is now known today as "Spartan Mfg. LLC".

We are a small company and pride ourselves on our own workmanship with a great product.

Spartan Manufacturing is a job shop specializing in both plate and pipe fabrications.  Our customers demand the most discriminating welding because of the critical applications of their products.   Our certified pipe welders work with all types of piping including steam, vacuum, gas, air, oil and lubrication systems.  We also work with stainless, carbon steel and aluminum piping and tubing.

Our weldments are found on board US Navy destroyers and commerical vessels, in steam turbines, vacuum chambers, pressurized applications and in a multitude of other critical applications.  We weld in accordance with ASME Section IX, MIL-STD-278 and AWSD1.1.

Our experience and welding capabilities, combined with today's critical applications may be of help to you.  We would like very much to assist you with your production needs.  Feel free to call or request a quote to help you with your next project.

Gene Anderson
President - Spartan Mfg. LLC